Glamping Biograd na Moru

Glamping Biograd na Moru

Glamping Biograd na Moru

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Biograd na Moru was the former capital of the medieval Kingdom of Croatia. Located on the Adriatic Sea with a view of the island of Pasman. The town has everything you expect from a seaside resort: a long boulevard with a harbor, nice bars and restaurants. In addition, it naturally has a wide beach and a large public swimming pool by the sea.


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8 days
2-5 persons


Day 1 - Arrival

The rental car will be waiting for you at Zadar airport. After about half an hour's drive you will arrive at Grande Glaming in Biograd na Moru (Biograd by the Sea). You will stay here for the next 7 nights.

Day 2 - Beach

The holiday is of course entirely your own interpretation, but we are happy to give you some tips and they will probably have more tips for you at the campsite reception. Are you going out today or will it be enjoying some well-deserved sun, sea and beach?

Day 3 - Zadar

When you walk on the promenade of Zadar you suddenly hear music. On the boulevard you will find two very special works of art, a sea organ and a beautiful monument that works on solar energy, called "Greetings to the Sun" (Pozdrav Sunce). The sea organ is a unique musical instrument, the sea plays the pipes of this underwater organ and with every wave the tones and melody change. The "Greetings to the Sun" is a circle 22 meters in diameter. It consists of 300 glass tiles on the same level as the natural stone tiles of the boulevard. Under the glass tiles are solar modules that convert sunlight into lighting for when it is dark. With the help of specially programmed scenarios, it creates a beautiful light show in many colors, in the rhythm of waves and to the sound of the sea organ. You can compare it, as it were, with a very nice disco floor, but much more impressive!

Day 4 - Krka waterfalls

Discover the natural beauty of Krka National Park at your own pace. The largest waterfall in the Krka national park is Skradinski Buk, which counts 400 meters at its widest point. A few hiking trails run right along the waterfall and you will not soon forget a walk about it. The natural beauty of the waterfall is unimaginable and leaves a deep impression on most hikers in the nature reserve. The second spectacular waterfall is the Roski Slap, where the water plunges about 20 meters. In addition to the waterfalls and the river Krka itself, the park offers 860 different plant species and some endangered species.

Day 5 - Rafting and kayaking on the Zrmanja river

Do you like adrenaline? The Zrmanja is one of the most beautiful and cleanest rivers in Europe and you can go on a rafting trip (in the season with high tide) or with a kayak (in the season with low tide).

Day 6 - Panoramic flight over Zadar and surroundings

Enjoy the beautiful views of this part of Dalmatia as you fly through the blue sky with below you the Adriatic Sea with its countless islands and bays. Don't forget to bring your camera now!

Day 7 - Nature Park Vransko Jezero

The nature park Vransko Jezero is the largest natural lake in Croatia, is a true paradise for nature lovers. An ideal day trip for lovers of silence, nature, birds and fishing, and for those who like it a bit more sporty, the cycling and walking routes are a nice challenge.

Day 8 - Departure

Unfortunately, the holiday is already over, perhaps there is still time in the morning for a last walk through Biograd na Moru to enjoy one of the many terraces. After a short drive to the airport you can return the car there.
The day program is entirely individual and is purely informative. Interested in one or more activities?
Please do not hesitate to contact us.


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