Why Korcula Experts?
Korcula Experts is a tour operator which offers active holidays in Croatia. With our trips you will not only get to know the island of Korcula, but also the other parts of the country from the inside, so that you can enjoy the local gastronomy. You will see places that you would otherwise pass by. Almost all accommodations, restaurants, hiking and cycling routes that are visited during a program have mostly been personally visited and checked by us. You will come to special places where you can enjoy the beauty of nature and the richness of culture.


For whom?
We organize active trips, in which you hike or cycle from place to place and therefore end up in a different area every time. The hikes or bike rides are generally not too difficult and suitable for the average hiker or cyclist. On our group trips we have on average between 5 and 14 participants and are suitable for people who enjoy an active way of traveling. It is never mandatory to go with the group, you can always take a day off if you need it. With a pitch trip this is never a problem and when traveling from place to place you can join the luggage transport to get to the next accommodation on your trip.


Singles holidays
Within the group tours we have holidays for singles, these are trips in which travelers register alone, so without others. A single person does not necessarily have to be a single person in daily life. Extra single rooms are available on some single dates. If you book a room by layout, you share a double room with a traveling companion of the same sex. If it is because of the group composition that you are placed in a single room, then you do not have to pay extra for it. You can always contact us for questions about the group composition of a trip, we will not publish this on the website. If you want to be assured of a single room, you can indicate this during the booking process, at some destinations we can make single rooms available at no extra cost, unfortunately this is not (yet) successful at all our destinations.

About Korcula Experts
Korcula Experts offers active trips in Croatia.

We offer tours to Croatia for all ages and audiences. We work together with a number of local providers in Croatia as well as a number of reliable tour operators in the Netherlands. Some journeys can then also be found with other Dutch travel providers.

Korcula Experts is located on the island of Korcula. Personal contact with the traveler is important to us, even if you only need a plane ticket, accommodation or a rental car. Do not search for hours on the internet, but one e-mail and you will receive the best travel options from us.


Personal note
As a child of a Dutch father and Croatian mother, I was born and raised in the Netherlands. As a child I already came to this beautiful country as a holiday maker, but I never thought that I would move to Croatia to end up in the travel world.

Have a good trip and see you in Croatia!

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